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Low Back Health

An interactive workshop where active adults can learn how to improve their deadlifts, reduce risk for injuries, and get past any current issues.

Saturday, February 17th

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: COREFIT

5914 Mayfair Rd, North Canton, OH 44720

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At This Free Interactive Workshop You Will Learn:

Low Back Health

The multifactorial and complex nature of low back pain

How strong and adaptable our bodies are

Tips to keep your low back healthy

About Your Presenter

Dr. Kayla Kerek

Physical Therapist

Kayla is a licensed physical therapist who earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Walsh University. She became a board certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy in 2017. Kayla has over 7 years of experience in orthopedic physical therapy including: nonoperative, post-operative and sports-related rehabilitation. She brings additional perspective as an avid lifter. With the love of barbell training and HIIT, Kayla lives to help others reach their physical goals. Specifically, she utilizes manual therapy, Integrative Dry Needling, education, and most importantly emphasizes the use of exercise to allow patients to get back to the activities they are passionate about! Outside of the clinic, you can catch Kayla gardening, spending time outdoors with her kids and husband, or reaching for a new PR in the gym.


Low Back Health

This workshop is perfect for the active adult looking to...

✅improve their mobility to improve deadlift form (we all need be able to pick things up off the floor!)

✅learn what is all considered part of their core

✅understand how to train their core

✅understand the influence of bracing on their core strength and lifts

✅understand the complex nature of low back pain and how to address other factors that can contribute to low back pain

Attend this interactive workshop to learn some exercises you can start doing to improve your lifts!

Q&A at the end of the workshop! We are happy to answer any of your questions, even if it is about another body region!

⏱️A Happier, Healthier You Starts In...